Terms of Service

I. Contract Terms

1. Services Rendered

Strategy & Design

Company will provide Event hosting services including public speaker & other things. You will be provided sufficient opportunities to review work & provide feedback, in case if you are not satisfied with the work you will pay for the completed work & can cancel the contract.

2. Mutual Cooperation

Each Party agree to levy our best efforts to complete all the deliverables mentioned above and request you to support us by sharing the required information.

3. Charges for Services Performed

Projects apart outside of this proposal will be considered as out of scope & proper amendments will need to be made to continue work on the same. Extra charges will be levied for the projects and if the Event is rescheduled.

4. Cancellation of Plans

Cancelation of all or some parts of the agreement must occur two weeks prior to Event else only 50% of the total event price will be refunded.

5. Confidentiality

Company agree that it will preserve all the proprietary or confidential information of the client and will not disclose it outside company premises.

6. Termination Clause

Agreement will become effective as on the date mentioned here & can be terminated by party by giving 30 days notice in writing.

7. General Provisions

(Government laws & regulations) Agreement will be governed & construed in accordance with laws of Texas.

8. Marketing

Speaker may include Company name and logo on Speaker’s website and marketing materials.

9. A/V Equipment & Recording

Company will be responsible for all A/V equipment during the event. Company will record the event and will provide a copy of the recording to Speaker with unlimited restriction on use.

II. Payment Terms for Public Speaker Proposal

1. Billing Schedule

  • Company will pay deposit of 50% of the initial Speaker Fee at the time of signing the contract
  • The remaining balance (including any additional fees) will be due within 1 week of event completion
  • Company will provide all necessary purchase order numbers & other internal information necessary for invoice processing by end of the month

2. Client Agreement for Payment

  • 1st initial invoice at the time of signing the contract will act as deposit
  • In case of delay in payment, 1% per week will be charged on unpaid amount and further company also reserves the right to take legal actions against the same
  • All payments will be made via ACH and are non-refundable